Page 43 ex. 7a

1. Do you know who the person is?
I didn’t know before I read this.

2. What is the sport?
The sport is go-karting

3. Why do you think the text has the tittle following a dream?
I think because Lewis wanted to become Formula 1 winner, and he did it.

Page 43 ex. 7b

Hamilton’s dream to be a Formula 1 driver began in 2001.
When he was eight he started go-kart racing.
Cal me nine years from now we’ll sort something out.
Ron Dennis called Hamilton because Hamilton won his first go-kart championship a few years later.
He was 14 years old when he joined McLaren’s programme.
He came third, second, second, second, second and first. Then he came first again in his next race. He finished the season in second place. Then in 2008, at the age of 23, Hamilton became the youngest world champion in F1 history.

Page 44 ex. 8a

Page 44 ex. 8b

All this five thing help teenagers earn money.

Page 44 ex. 8c

Water-car washing
A bicycle-delivering newspapers
Carrying things-helping elderly people
Going to another person’s house-babaysitting

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